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The CIC Stage

We had 60 days to electronically submit a complete application using MyCIC account. There were a couple of documents that would really take some days off of the given timeframe; ergo, we had to start with the completion of these files as soon as we can in order to submit our application within the 60 days.

As the primary applicant, these were the required documents for my husband:

a) Marriage License/Certificate

b) Passport

c) Proof of medical exam (upfront medical exam “eMedical”)

d) Transcript of Records, College Diploma and WES report

e) Certificate of Employment – CIC has their own format, so he tried his best to ask all his previous employers, from the HR department, to give him the needed.

f) Police Clearance/Certificates – “if you have stayed in a country for more than six months”

g) Proof of Means of Financial Support – This one is only a 6-month bank statement history, signed and stamped by the bank. This is the proof that we have the minimum funds on hand required by the federal government to successfully establish ourselves in Canada. Financial expenses would entail travel and moving costs, application fees, and other relevant costs associated with immigrating to Canada.

g) Digital Photo

h) Letter of Explanation (optional) – We uploaded some additional documents like birth certificates, nomination letter, IMM 5669 E : Schedule A – Background / DeclarationIMM 0008E: Schedule 4 – Economic Classes- Provincial Nominees to support our application.

These were the required docs for me: (Accompanying Spouse)

a) Passport

b) Proof of Medical Exam (upfront medical exam “eMedical”)


c) Police Clearance/Certificates (below are the links that we used)

USA – Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI)

Singapore – Certificate Of Clearance (COC)

Philippines – National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)

United Arab of Emirates – Criminal Clearance Certificate or Good Conduct Certificate

If you live in the Philippines: Please visit the UAE Embassy in Manila’s website for more detailed instructions

If you live in Singapore : Please visit the UAE Embassy’s website for more detailed instructions

d) Digital Photo

Click here to learn more about the requirements.

After we completed and cross-reference all of our documents, and still manage to find a few parts confusing, we paid visits to our old pal Google, or our co-applicants.

My husband and I were very careful about our application—we wanted it to be perfect. Of course, we didn’t want CIC to have any questions, demand for additional documents, or even reject our application just because of a single error. Hence, being a perfectionist is key in these parts of one’s life.

We scanned and uploaded all the requirements to our MyCIC account



As stated a few sentences back, we only had 60 days to fill out and submit an electronic application for permanent residence. So before sending our application online, we decided to resign from our current jobs in Singapore to head straight back to the Philippines.

“Why” you ask? After doing some research, we found out that the Manila Visa Office is quick when it comes to processing the application to Canada. So our goal is to go back in Manila in order to put Philippines at the “Country of Residence” field. There were two questions in the application like “Country of Residence” and “Country of Nationality”, so we thought that those would be based on where we currently resided and have our applications sent to the nearest visa office.

We literally didn’t sleep all night, and couldn’t help be bothered to look if there are other applicants who did what we were doing. Sad to say, our doubts were for naught.

To be frank, leaving Singapore was never an easy thing to do. First off, we were both just starting with our new jobs. Second off, we fell in love with the country. I mean, who wouldn’t love the food. The FOOD. Just think about the food!!! Lol. But seriously, it was a big decision we had to make, and all risks were definitely considered in this application.

Fast forward…


We went back to the Philippines and submitted our online full application.

With the help of online forums, we upfront the Right of Permanent Residence Fee (RPRF), hoping that the processing of our application would be faster. ($490 CAD each)

ppr letter blog

Acknowledgment of Receipt (AOR)

cic aor

GCMS Notes

One week after we received the AOR, we ordered a GCMS notes. LOL. We just can’t wait to find out what’s going on with our application.


Visit for more details.

While waiting for any updates and GCMS to come, we were always checking if there’s an email or an update in our application through our MyCIC account. We can’t do anything during those hours aside from waiting, hoping, and praying that everything will be fine.

What a good news!

One month later, we finally received the notes. And man was it lengthy. Lol. It was 121 pages in total. We found out, after checking page by page, that our application was indeed sent to the Manila Visa Office. In turns out that going back to the Philippines was the right decision: we immediately updated our co-applicants about it. We were just beyond ecstatic that our Canadian dream is just within arm’s reach. (Given that our application had no mistakes, Thank you Lord!)

The Golden Email

We were so happy whenever we received updates.

From “Review in Progress”


to “Medical Passed”

11.18.2016_medical passed

to “Background Check in Progress”


and finally we received the golden email–“PPR (Passport Request)”  *happy tears*


ppr letter blog

Submission of Passports

We went to VFS Global Makati to submit our passports. We just followed the instructions below.

ps1ps2passport submitappe


Final Decision of CIC


Visa on hand

BEST DAY EVER! The feeling was surreal. We both received envelopes, containing our passports with visa stamped and our Certificate of Permanent Residence. Our hearts were just so relieved during those final moments. We hugged each other and yes, I cried. LOL. It’s like graduating all over again, all thanks to God!!!


Mind you that it’s still not the end. There were still a couple of things that we had to do before landing to Canada. For now, those were all of the procedures that we did for our application. Hopefully I didn’t miss out on anything, but if I do, or just something that you want to ask, feel free to message me or simply drop a comment below.

On my next blog post, I will write all of the preparations that we did before we bid our farewells to our beloved country until the time that we got to say hello to the immigration staffs at the Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Here is our timeline in our PR application: PNP and CIC

‘Til next post!


Leslie is a twenty-something and recently moved to Canada. She loves wandering with her camera and trying new things.

17 thoughts on “The CIC Stage

    1. congratulations….so happy for u.. i hope u got ppr from new delhi…can you please tell me that how long it took u to get passport request after your medicals received please tell me or mail me please

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  1. wow! you are blessed! i just submitted our papers through mail.. we are applying under family sponsorship. I’m just wondering how many days before cic will acknowledge the application?


  2. Wow, nice read. Made me smile and happy reading through your story. I have passed my medicals already. But I will like to know how long it took from when you passed medicals till you got PPR. Thank you.


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