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New Brunswick Museum / Musée du Nouveau-Brunswick

New Brunswick Museum is located in Saint John. The museum boasts a wide array of local historic information, artifacts, artwork, scientific exhibits and Discovery Centre with many interactive and educational activities.


New Brunswick Industry

This gallery takes you on a voyage  down a river past a lumber camp, river drive, farmland and a river boat dock to  a coastal fishing wharf, lumber mill, woodworking factory to an urban dock.


Hall of Great Whales

The gallery includes the finest eastern Canadian collection of assembled whale skeletons, as well as life-size full-body models of several species, including a 13 m Right Whale.


Right Whale

Our Changing Earth

Photographs from space show us familiar shapes of continents, the blue of oceans and swirling white clouds. Yet the Earth always changes. Over 4.5 billion years, plate tectonics have shifted continents, uplifted mountains and created new oceans. The surface we live on has experienced dramatic changes in atmospheric composition.


New Brunswick Art

These paintings tangibly evoke the spirit that forms New Brunswick.


Canadian Art

This gallery displays a selection of the museum’s non-New Brunswick Canadian fine art.


Discovery Gallery

Here you can explore more of New Brunswick through mini displays, touch objects, educational craft production, great wall visuals, and much more.



Location: 1 Market Square, Saint John, NB E2L 4Z6

Phone: (506) 643-2300


Adult Admission – $10.00
Seniors – $8.00
Children / Students – $6 (17 and under)
Students – $7 (18 and above)
Family – $22.00


Leslie is a twenty-something and recently moved to Canada. She loves wandering with her camera and trying new things.

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