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How Our Journey to Canada Started

This post contains what transpired as my husband and I applied under the Provincial Nominee Program.



How our Journey to Canada started?

When we got married—my husband and I—and lived in Singapore, we thought that we’d settle there for good. We were paid well, and stayed at a nice apartment. But despite our salaries and our home, anxiety never left our minds because we’re not permanent residents.

We only had a Working Pass.

Having a pass like that also meant that our residency was temporary. Heck, we couldn’t be even called “residents” at all. If ever we get the boot from work, then we have to leave Singapore in a heartbeat. Applying for permanent residency is viable, but it was a lot of hard work.

Basically, we went back to the drawing board and planned thoroughly with the hopes of removing the anxiety in our lives. We thought to migrate to another country with a great, and easy, chance of being permanent residents. This would be better for our lives, and possibly for our child in the near future as well.

At the top of our list is definitely Canada.

Being the land known for its maple syrup, life couldn’t get sweeter there.

With operation Canada in mind, the first thing to do was to apply under the Express Entry System. And despite my husband’s high probability of being granted a high score for our application, the probability stopped at being just a probability. We didn’t meet the needed CRS points—which was around 467, if I’m not mistaken. To be honest, it’s a big feat to pull unless you have an incredibly close relative in Canada, or you’re nominated by one of their provinces. Feat alone, you get an initial score of 0 points. But having a relative grants you 100 points, where the latter option blesses you with 600. (You have to be kidding me. 600?! I don’t know what went through our minds why in the world didn’t we notice the Provincial Nominee Program.)

Obviously, we couldn’t proceed with the second or third thing to do because we didn’t meet the points.

And now, we opted to have a plan B.

Plan B involved me studying in Canada.

I tried to search for Canadian universities that accepted International students, and if I manage to find some, I chose a program that I’ll happily enroll in. Once that’s settled, as normal university operations go, I had to complete all of the requirements they require. I even have to take an Academic IELTS exam in Singapore. (That exam was not a joke, I have to admit.) Luckily, I passed. We were ecstatic to hear the news! Operation Canada is another step closer to become a reality!

Again, life just had to hit us again. Like a truck ramming us in the middle of the street towards the Great Wall of China.

We had a problem with our visa application, and needless to say that downed me a lot. I’m just blessed that my husband always stood beside me, reminding me that I should always trust God for he knows that He has better plans for us.

A week after that troublesome visa application, Aleandro received an email concerning the PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) Information Session. Funny that he almost forgot that it was something he registered at last 30th of April, 2016.

The email read:

info-session-letterHe immediately woke me up, as soon as he read the mail, and notified me that we need to go back home to the Philippines. It was on the same day where we booked our flight and went home.


The info session was pretty normal. I mean, it had speakers, it had presentations, it explained what the program was about and their process, and it had Q&A sessions. Afterwards, they notified the attendees that whoever has, in their hands, the complete set of requirements can already line up for initial assessment.

We hurried preparing the documents, mustered all of every piece of confidence that we can even muster, and lined up. (The feeling was incredibly similar as when I had my first job interview. Hahaha)

When it was our turn, one of the representatives asked Aleandro to present his EOI (Expression of Interest), IELTS General Testing test, and ECA report (Educational Credential Assessment). And for me, he just asked for my IELTS since I’m not the primary applicant.

After our interviews, he wrote a number in our EOI form and took the form away from our hands.

Man, we were glad to receive an Invitation to Apply on the spot! Thanks, God! Operation Canada is finally feasible!!

…And that’s how it all started! 🙂

P.S.  For those who are asking me, I will try my best to remember and post a blog of all the procedures that we did to help you guys who wants to permanently reside in Canada.


Leslie is a twenty-something and recently moved to Canada. She loves wandering with her camera and trying new things.

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