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Tapsilogan in Singapore

I’m really happy when I finally found a ‘tapsilogan’ in Singapore. It is located at Food Junction, Century Square Shopping Mall in Tampines.



“Sylog (si-log) – A breakfast-inspired meal (originated from the Philippines) where your choice of meat is served with garlic rice and fried egg.”

Here are my Top 5 favorites:

1. LongSYLOG (Filipino Pork Sausage)


2. ToSYLOG (Sweetened Back-Bacon)


3. LiempoSYLOG (Pork Belly)



4. TapSYLOG (Cured Beef)


And last but not the least…

5. DangSYLOG (Danggit – Dried Fish) But this one is for limited time only 😦










Leslie is a twenty-something and recently moved to Canada. She loves wandering with her camera and trying new things.

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