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How to get married in Singapore

If you’re planning to get married in Singapore, here are the few steps & reminders for you:

Requirements for Marriage

15 Days Stay in Singapore

  •  Where any party to the intended marriage is not a Singapore citizen or permanent resident, at least one of the parties has been physically present in Singapore for a period of at least 15 days preceding the date of the notice.
  • The 15 days need not be continuous or immediately preceding the date of the notice.

Age of the Couple

  • Couples must be 21 years of age and above.
  • Neither party is below 18 years of age.
  • If one of the parties is above 18 and below 21 years old and has not been previously married, the parents or legal guardian of the minor party must give consent to the marriage.
  • If both parties are above 18 and below 21 years old, besides consent to be given by the parents or legal guardian of both parties, the couple must attend a Marriage Preparation Programme.
  • If one party is below 18 years old, the couple must apply for a Special Marriage Licence. (Please approach ROM for more information).

Marital Status and History

  • Neither party is presently married to any other person.
  • A person with a previous marriage has to ensure that the said marriage has been legally dissolved
  • Divorcees who remarry must make a Statutory Declaration on whether they have existing maintenance orders and whether they are prompt or in arrears with the maintenance payments.

Steps of solemnization under civil marriage laws

Step 1: Choose your Solemnization Venue

Option 1: At the Registry of Marriage (ROM)

Basic solemnization services can be held at the ROM premises which is subject to availability on a first-come-first-serve basis. An in-house solemnizer will preside over your ceremony.



Option 2: Outside ROM

If you decide to have your solemnization outside ROM, you will be spoilt for choice for venue, eg. at a religious venue, by a beach, garden or hotel, at scenic spots such as Mount Faber or Botanic Gardens, by your condominium poolside, or simply the comfort and convenience of home. You are not restricted in the number of guests you want to bring. Very importantly, you will enjoy exclusivity – the wedding environment is all to your own and there are no other bridal couples vying for the attention of your well wishers.  Take note, you must make your own arrangements with a licensed solemnizer. You will need to obtain your solemnizer’s signed consent before you can book a date with ROM.

We choose Peninsula Excelsior Hotel.


Step 2: Filing a Notice of Marriage

Couples have to give notice of the intended marriage to ROM. You can use ROM e-Services from the comfort of your home and at a time convenient to you. File a Notice of Marriage online


For couples who require assistance on e-Services, you may approach any of the Citizen Connect Centres (CCCs) nearest to you or go to the e-Kiosks at ROM Building.

For the process you will need the following:

  • NRICs (for SC/SPR) or Passports (for foreigners) of groom, bride and 2 witnesses above 21 years old
  • Solemnizer Consent Form (for solemnization outside ROM)
  • Credit card for online filing of notice; or NETs/Cashcard for filing of notice at e-Kiosks in ROM
  • If applicable, death certificate of late spouse or divorce papers [ie, Certificate of Decree Nisi Absolute / Certificate of Interim Judgement Final issued by the court]

After you have successfully submitted your notice, you have to wait 21 days before you can solemnize your marriage.

Yes, there is a 21-day notice period required. For example, if a couple files their notice of marriage on 1 Sep and giving 21-day notice, the earliest solemnization date shall be 23 Sep. There is a 3-month validity period for the notice. For example, if the couple files the notice of marriage on 1 Sep, the latest solemnization date or expiry date shall be 1 Dec.Upon filing online, an appointment date and time will be provided for you for verification of documents and statutory declaration.

Step 3: Verify Documents and Statutory Declaration (VD/SD) at ROM

Upon filing online, an appointment date and time will be provided for you for verification of documents and statutory declaration.


Documents to bring along:

  • Filing Instruction
  • For Groom and Bride – Original NRIC (SC/SPR); or – Original Passport (foreigner)
  • Signed “Invitation to Solemnize a Marriage” form
  • For 2 witnesses – Photocopy of NRIC (SC/SPR); or Photocopy of Passport (foreigner)
  • Divorce paper (if applicable)
  • Death certificate of late spouse (if applicable)
  • If you are above 18 years of age but below 21, your parents must be present to give consent. You must bring your birth certificate, as well as a certificate of attendance from your marriage preparation programme (if applicable).

For solemnization at venue outside ROM

  • Collect the following documents from ROM
  • “Confirmation of Marriage Licence Issued”
  • Certificate of Marriage
  • Marriage folder and checklist

NOTE : Kindly inform your LS to inform that documents have been collected and remind your LS of the solemnization date, time and venue.

Step 4: Solemnization of your Marriage

The civil (solemnisation), religious and/or customary wedding ceremonies can be performed simultaneously at the venue of the couple’s choice.

Who needs to be present?

Groom and Bride (Heller, of course!)

Two witnesses aged 21 years or older

Licensed Solemnizer (Mr Sim Khee Wang)

Invite your loved ones! 🙂


Documents to bring along in the ceremony:

  • Groom and Bride – Original NRIC (SC/SPR); or – Original Passport (foreigner)
  • 2 witnesses – Original NRIC (SC/SPR); or – Original Passport (foreigner)
  • Hand documents collected from ROM to your LS (applicable for solemnization at venue outside ROM)
  • After solemnization and signing on the marriage certificate, the Certificate of Marriage (white coloured copy) will be returned to ROM by your LS. (applicable for solemnization at venue outside ROM)
  • Copy of Certificate of Marriage (coloured copy) will be given to the Bride.
  • Rings for exchange (optional)


After the solemnisation

The marriage is immediately registered in the Certificate of Marriage signed by the registrar solemnising the marriage, the bride and groom, and the two witnesses present at the solemnisation.

Remember, your Licensed Solemnizer is a volunteer. He sacrifices personal time and effort to meet you for consent signing and officiate at your wedding. Please treat him with due respect, courtesy and consideration.

We gave him a love gift. You know what I mean! 🙂



For more information, visit

Important Note:

If one person is a Singaporean or Permanent Resident and the spouse-to-be is a foreigner holding a work permit or an ex-work permit holder, check with the Controller of Work Permits, Ministry of Manpower(MOM) that the marriage is permissible.

  • Ministry of Manpower (MOM)
    : 18 Havelock Road, #07-01, MOM Building, Singapore 059764
    Tel: 6534 1511

For application forms or information on eligibility to stay in Singapore after marriage, check with the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA).

If the spouse-to-be is neither a work permit holder nor an ex-work permit holder, doesn’t hold an employment pass and is not a permanent resident or citizen, and is in Singapore on a tourist visa, they can apply for a dependant’s pass at the ICA, after the marriage has taken place.

S Pass holders need not seek marriage approval from MOM. However, the employer of the S Pass holder needs to update MOM on the marital status of their employee. The employer must inform MOM in writing (on company letterhead paper) and enclose a copy of the marriage certificate:

  • Ministry of Manpower, The Work Pass Division
    At:18 Havelock Road, Singapore 059764

For the latest on work pass-related or immigration matters, please check the MOM website and ICA website respectively.



Thanks for reading! -Mrs Sy 🙂



Leslie is a twenty-something and recently moved to Canada. She loves wandering with her camera and trying new things.

5 thoughts on “How to get married in Singapore

  1. Hi Mrs Sy,

    Your post has been very helpful!! I myself am trying to plan my own solemnisation ceremony. Similar to yours, the ceremony will only consists of my 2 witnesses and their plus ones. I see that you opted to hold it at a hotel. I’m not sure about the restrictions on venue if solemnising outside ROM. Did you have to book a function room? If you any advice, let me know! I’m really looking to do a super simple and fuss-free one.


    1. Hi Sammy! First of all, thank you for reading my blog. 🙂

      Ummmm, if you decide to have your solemnization outside ROM, you will be spoilt for choice for venue, eg. at a religious venue, by a beach, garden or hotel, at scenic spots such as Mount Faber or Botanic Gardens, by your condominium poolside, or simply the comfort and convenience of home. The formal solemnization ceremony only takes 10 to 20 minutes if held outside the ROM.


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